Schnauzer Dog Breed | Grooming For Schnauzers 101 Clippers Dog Grooming Part 2 of 4

Grooming For Schnauzers 101 The Ultimate Tools Part 2 of 4

Schnauzer Dog Breed Pet Clippers


This is one area you don’t want to skip on inexpensive clippers will over heat and will dune over time causing nicks and hair grabbing on the coat. If possible try and shoot for clippers in the $60.00 and up range preferably cordless with clips ranging from 4f to 10f. There is an abundance of choices from Wahl, Oster, Conair, Andis, Alfie and others.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Nail Clippers

Dog nail clippers work very well as they are very sharp, easy to hold and the guard helps with length control. The clippers make cutting his nails quick, easy and painless. These clippers are the best clippers I have ever used. These are good clippers, but be careful, you can still trim too low. A few nails bled and I felt so bad!
I usually take my dog to the groomer for nail trims, so this was the first time doing it myself. I was told later to put baby oil on nails first to see the quick better. I’ll try this next time.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Nail Grinder

I have to let everyone know that as a novice groomer, I can tell you that these Dremel “Pet Grooming Kits” don’t have the power to do a good, quick (the key word being QUICK!) job on sanding pet nails.

Your Schnauzer will be afraid very afraid of this device, This will be a very different sound than the hamming of clippers. You will need to slowly introduce this device as schnauzers don’t like anyone messing with their Schnauzer paws.
Began by letting your pet see and smell the sander, and then running it over their body and feet with the power off. Then turned it on and hold it away from him/her, again letting him hear, see, and smell it. Have treats at the ready, but he was fine. I held it near him for several minutes while on, and then touched the non-sanding end to his body so that he could feel the vibration.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Shears

Outside of Clippers, the shears would be the most important investment you will make. Don’t just settle for the straight scissors, go for the slightly curved blades 7.5 to 10 inch range with a rounded tip so you don’t poke or accidentally stab your pet.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Thinning shears

The thinning shears are groomer’s best tool. The blades are sharp; it thins very easily and blends the coat really well. So you don’t have that hard straight cut. Try and shoot for thinning shears with 36 to 48 teeth. Be sensitive to the loops as some shears have small opening and will fatigue fingers quickly. The bigger loops are easy to hold and maneuver. Would recommend to anyone looking to invest in shears to buy these shears for good grooming, and blending hair to get a more professional look for their dogs at home.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Shears 4 to 5 Inch

For sensitive areas like around the eyes, nose, paw pads etc… you need a small straight blade to get at those places, and remember to get a blunt or rounded tip.

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