Grooming For Schnauzers 101 Dog Grooming Table, Pet Vacuums Part 4 of 4

Grooming For Schnauzers 101 Dog Grooming Table, Part 4 of 4


Schnauzer Dog Breed Pet Grooming Table

Look you can cut corners on every single item mentioned but at some point you will be disappointed with the inexpensive product and will reinvest in tools that maybe you should have purchased just once. Really think about the puppy or dog growing and the size and weight that they will ultimately get to. Make sure you buy a table that will work at every stage of his/her growth.

Things to consider adjustable legs, arms, hydraulic lifts, stainless steel are most sanitary. Static free materials provide for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Pet stool

Just like your pet at some point they will want to sit, and so will you. Consider a pet step stool with no arms, and one that lifts or adjust to a height matching your dog, or table.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Hair Pet Dryer

You can use one of your old blow dryers but if you want to give your pet a dedicated vacuum/blow dryer, consider the horsepower and amps. High horsepower will be every uncomfortable for a small dog, make sure theirs speed adjustments, with dual vacuum/blower option.
This makes grooming your dogs much more manageable, I pride myself on grooming my dog myself, but a good dryer would be of real value even to those who only need maintenance between professional grooming’s. A good blow-out will remove dust, allergens and dead fur from your dog’s coat, meaning less frequent bathing.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Dog Grooming Box

Now that you bought all these tools above, to do in home grooming you will want to protect this equipment with a grooming box. You will get so many compliments when you sport a tool box such as this one, makes going into homes a lot easier as well as professional looking. This is a must for any groomer that hauls their equipment with them.
Conclusion, recommend buying these items in stages and as your skills develop you’re figure out when to add to your tool box.
Your pet should have their own equipment such as clipper, scissors, pet hair dryer, towels, brushes, and not share with the family right!

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