Grooming For Schnauzers 101 Dog Combs, Pet Brush, and Dog Groomer Apparel Part 3 of 4

Grooming For Schnauzers 101 Dog Combs, Pet Brush, and Dog Groomer Apparel Part 3 of 4

Schnauzer Dog Breed Combs and Pet Brush


DE shedding Tool & Pet Grooming Tool

Personally I haven’t used this pet hair removal brush for my schnauzer as he doesn’t shed unlike say a retriever or German shepherd. But I do recommend it for use on other breeds as most do shed hair and this tool is extremely useful. This brand by DakPet thru amazon has over 90 % positive reviews.

Pet 7-1/2-Inch Steel Grooming Comb

This steel grooming comb is great for a finishing touch and general detangling esp. when blow-drying out after a bath. It’s a sturdy comb for long haired dogs! This comb is great if your dog is at risk for matting and most schnauzer are on the legs and beard area.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Dog Tooth Brush

Finger dog tooth brushes work fine and they are easy to use and clean, plus safe and effective for the pet’s teeth. Brushing maintains proper oral health for your dog by establish a daily routine of proper dental care may extend the life of your pet. Dog finger tooth brushes; help prevent bad breath and tartar collection.
Once your pet settles into a tooth maintenance routine consider an electric tooth brush.

Schnauzer Dog Breed Groomer Apparel

Aprons are a must if you want to keep fine hairs from clinging to your body and or clothing. Your fine that pet hair floats and it will gather on your cloths, hair, arms and short of taking a shower immediately after grooming your pet and apron will help protect you.
Theirs aprons with pockets, plastic versus cloth, polyester, rubber, nylon you make the decision on what’s comfortable for you.

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